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Central Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center

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Director's Office

Science Center Director (Acting)

Warren Day

Science Center Administrative Officer

Jenny George

Science Center Outreach Contact

Maria Montour

Address and Phone

U.S. Geological Survey
Central Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center
Box 25046, MS-973
Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225


For inquiries about uranium and coal, please contact the USGS Energy Program.

Sign for building 20
We are located on the Denver Federal Center.

Staff Directory

Science Center Staff Directory
First Name Last Name Title Phone E-mail
David Adams Geologist 303-236-5361
John Aleinikoff Research Geologist 303-236-7884
Jaime Azain Geologist 303-236-9376
Sarah Bala Student Trainee - Physical Science 303-236-5639
Jesse Bellora Geologist 303-236-1222
Mitchell Bennett Geologist (Pathways Recent Graduate) 303-236-0211
Mary Ellen Benson Research Geologist 303-236-5524
William Benzel Physical Scientist 303-236-2444
Cyrus Berry Chemist 303-236-1079
Zachary Bueghly Physical Scientist (Pathways Recent Graduate) 303-236-9376
Meredith Burger Geologist 303-236-1324
Thomas Carroll Contractor 303-236-1324
Maurice Chaffee Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1855
Michael Cosca Research Geologist 303-236-4674
Randall Dailey Lead Information Technology Specialist 303-236-1210
Warren Day Acting Science Center Director / Research Geologist 303-236-6484
Rhonda Driscoll Geologist 303-236-5635
Edward du Bray Geologist Emeritus 303-236-5591
Poul Emsbo Research Geologist 303-236-1113
Karl Evans Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1800
William Ferguson Information Technology Specialist 303-236-2717
Jenny George Administrative Officer 303-236-5451
Stuart Giles Physical Science Technician 303-236-5515
Garth Graham Research Geologist 303-236-1558
Matthew Granitto Physical Scientist 303-236-1412
Richard Grauch Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5551
Mario Guzman 303-236-2444
Albert Hofstra Research Geologist 303-236-5530
Christopher Holm-Denoma Research Geologist 303-236-5454
John Horton Physical Scientist 303-236-1921
Samuel Johnstone Physical Scientist 303-236-5705
Jonathan Kell Student Intern 303-236-1385
Karen Duttweiler Kelley Research Geologist 303-236-2467
Terry Klein Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1800
Alan Koenig Research Geologist 303-236-2475
Gregory Lee Scientist Emeritus 303-236-2491
David Lindsey Scientist Emeritus 303-236-6482
Heather Lowers Research Geologist 303-236-1184
Karen Lund Research Geologist 303-236-5600
Ian MacDonald Administrative Operations Assistant 303-236-1702
Andrew Manning Research Geologist 303-236-1812
Erin Marsh Research Geologist 303-236-2473
Brian Marshall Research Geologist 303-236-7914
Jeffrey Mauk Research Geologist 303-236-5605
Steven McDanal Information Technology Emeritus 303-236-1187
Devon McGillivary Student Trainee (Physical Scientist) 303-236-9376
Corey Meighan Geologist 303-236-2101
Celestine Mercer Research Geologist 303-236-1866
Maria Montour Outreach Coordinator / Geologist 303-236-2787
Leah Morgan Research Geologist 303-236-4729
Leonid Neymark Research Chemist 303-236-7898
Allen O'connor Student Contractor 303-236-2479
Danielle Olinger Physical Scientist 303-236-7771
Rae Ann Orkild-Norton Geologist 303-236-1213
Aaron Pietruszka Research Geologist 303-236-5514
Renee Pillers Student (Physical Science Technician) 303-236-7896
Joseph Plesha Geologist / Information Technology Specialist 303-236-1398
Forrest (Barney) Poole Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5599
Michael Pribil Research Chemist 303-236-9374
Kristian Price Student Contractor 303-236-1249
Caroline Radziszewski Budget Analyst 303-236-1810
Mattie Reid Student Contractor 303-236-5454
William (Ian) Ridley Research Geologist 303-236-5558
Charles Sandberg Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5763
Carma San Juan Physical Scientist 303-236-2450
David B. Smith Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1849
Steven M. Smith Geologist 303-236-1192
Amanda Souders Research Geologist 303-236-9374
Thomas Strong Student Contractor 303-236-1385
Cliff Taylor Research Geologist 303-236-2499
Ryan Taylor Geologist 303-236-1882
Peter Theodorakos Physical Science Technician 303-236-2482
Charles Thorman Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5601
Dorothy Trujillo Information Technology Specialist 303-236-1709
Russell Tysdal Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5597
Bradley Van Gosen Research Geologist 303-236-1566
Philip Verplanck Research Geologist 303-236-1902
Uriah Vigil Student Trainee (Physical Science) 303-236-5588
Anna Wilson Geologist 303-236-5593
Patrick Wood Volunteer 303-236-1800
Douglas Yager Geologist 303-236-2487